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Gör din ATV2/3 och Pioneer VSX-827 fullt AirPlay-kompatibla

Pioneer har sedan en tid tillbaka en serie av AV-Recievers med AirPlay-funktionalitet. En stor del av funktionaliteten går via det anslutna nätverket och där via din router.

Många routrar har inte de portar som krävs för AirPlay-funktionalitet öppna i grundinställning.

Nedan ser ni de åtgärder som görs på en Dlink DIR-655 alt DIR-605L. Stort tack till Jeffery Fose som har gjort nedan guide (originalguide)

1)Advanced >> Firewall settings FILTERING

     a) Endpoint Independent should be checked for both UDP Endpoint Filtering and TCP Endpoint Filtering

     b) Uncheck the Enable SPI box. (If checked the AirPlay feature on your Pioneer Will not workafter  a couple of minutes)

     c) Click the Save Setting button towards the top of the screen

2) Advanced >> Application Rules

    Make sure that you check the enablement box on the far left to ensure that the the port will be opened when you save the changes.

    Going from Left to right

     a) Check the box at the far left.  This enables the ports that you are opening.  If left unchecked nothing will be opened when you save the changes.

     b) Type in any name that you want in the Name box.  I used AppleTV 3689 (Digital Audio Access Protocol, DAAP) so that I would later know why that port was opened.  So just put the number of the port you are opening after the AppleTV text if you find this system helpful.

      c) The Port column has two items one is  Trigger and the other is Firewall set them both to the number of the port you want to open.  3689 (airplay DACP service, remote control) is the value you should use here.

      d) The Traffic Type column has one value for the Trigger port and another for the Firewall port.  Set them both to Any. (Note it might work to just open TCP per my opening paragraph.

     e) Under Schedule at the far right set it to Always.

3) Repeat section 3 times.  The first time change 3689 to 7000 (airplay service). The second time change it to 7100 (airplay screen mirroring), and the third time change it to 62078 and the fourth time to 49152 (airplay RAOP service)

4) Click the Save Settings button towards the top of the screen 

5) Advanced >> Advanced Wireless

    a) Make sure that Transmit Power is set to High

     b) Check the box next to WMM Enable (This is good for when you stream data over your local network to reduce jitter)

6) Advanced >> Advanced Network

     a) At the bottom where it says Multicast Streams check the box where it says Enable Multicast Streams. (You need this to stream music or video etc from your iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPhone 4S )

    b) Click the Save Settings button towards the top of the screen  

7) Check that your time on your router is right. This problem haunted me for a long time for my VSX-827 to show as an Airplay icon.

8) I rebooted my DLink router at this point by pulling out the plug.  This might be optional, but sometimes the devices need to have this done in order to be seen.

9) Make sure that your AppleTV2 or AppleTV3 is on and that you have enabled AirPLay on them.  If they are not on, they don't appear as an option for me when try to use AirPlay

10) AirPlay dosen't show up as a little app button.  Instead you have to hunt for it.  You do this on your iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPhone 4S (IOS 6) by hitting the home button twice quickly. What comes up is your most recently used apps.  If you swipe with your finger to the right you can scroll through all of you most recently used apps, but if you scroll to the right, just after you pushed the home button twice quickly, up will come a little bar for playing video/music etc. Off to the right a bit you will finally see the AirPlay logo that looks a bit like an evelope. Push it and up should list an option to display stuff on your iPad or on your AppleTV2 or AppleTV3.  You will see multiple AppleTV's listed if you have them. if you do, I recommend that you give them different names under the settings for the AppleTV.  You will also see the switch for mirroring.  If you click that everything that you do on your iPhone/Pad will show up on the TV.
On a IOS 7-device you swift from bottom and up on the screen to bring up the ControlCenter.

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