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Nginx redirect from public URL to internal IP

Welcome to this turorial on how to config Nginx redirects from a public URL to an internal IP.

First follow step 1-3 on my tutorial LAMP with Raspberry Pi and step 1-7 om my tutorial Install Owncloud 7.01 on Raspberry Pi (Debian).

Login in as root (su) so you don't have to use sudo.

Step 1 - Edit nginx site-config

cd /etc/nginx/sites-enabled

Here you find your config for your site, could be named default or something else (owncloud if you followed my tutorial)

nano owncloud

In this case I will add a camera which is on the internal IP

Add the following in the used server-directive (starts with server { )(Don't forget all the slashes below)

location ^~ /camera1/ {
        proxy_pass ;

Save and exit nano.

Restart Nginx by

service nginx restart

All done.