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Xcode 6.2 and GitHub integration

Many tutorials exist on older Xcode-versions on this subject but here is how I found a solution:

  • Create your Xcode project with a local Git repository and write some code
  • Create your GitHub remote repository on GitHub but do not initialize it and do not add a file.
    Easiest is to choose a repo name that is identical to your projectname.
  • Click Menu-Source Control/"Project name"-master/Configure "Project name"
  • Click on the “Remotes” tab
  • Click the “Add Remote” button down at the bottom
  • In the Add a Remote dialog box you have two fields to fill out
    • In the name field enter the name of the GitHub repository you just created
    • In the location field paste in the URL from GitHub for your repo
      • It will look like this:
  • Now you have a connected local and remote repository